About Architecture and Water


Is this the frontier between Land and Water, the magic line of infinite energy, the border between carving and perfection – the haven of land, the challenge of water?
Is the solution to our survival hidden in the vastness of water or is it merely our longing to find it there?
Is our view across the surface of water to the edge of the horizon an unsettled destiny of eternal dreams? Is there, somewhere in the distance, what we have been and what we would like to be?

Just like Land has its Sky, Water has its Depth and just like Land cannot exist without Water, Man cannot exist without Architecture.

Among the arts and all its forms, architecture is possibly the most responsible to humanity. Together they build civilizations and therefore architecture is responsible for the evolutionary development of our existence. It is possible to avoid other art divisions, but it is impossible to avoid architecture. Architecture follows, guides and touches people every step of the way – either unknowingly or with its full power; without people needing to go to the theatre, read a book or visit a gallery.
Architecture is, and always will be, the accompanying art of the governing class; who in turn also depends on it, sometimes as a blind servant. This is clearly evident in architectural creations that have been used as a means of political manifestation and at times they are the peak of indoctrination of certain ideologies or repressions.
It is the mission, tendency and the duty of an architect to constantly search for something new. The architect and his or her creations must not be the reflection of a current fashionable trend or act as a tool in the hands of the governing class in order to quench its current governing thirst. It is the obligation of each individual through his or her creative life cycle to give more back to civilization, and to improve upon the civilization one knew while growing up. This is the only conscious way to achieve the catharsis of the future.

ales seligo foto

Aleš Šeligo, Architect, The author of Architecture and Water

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