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HAWAII (Tourist resort)

Due to the fact that almost three fourths of our planet is covered with water, the name planet Earth should really be named after water. Earth and water: the two elements that make up the perimeter of our planet. Does the border that separates them and their contact represent the “divine, energy” line of our evolutionary awareness?

The Pacific Islands give the impression that the land is countering the water; as the two elements are in constant conflict although they cannot exist without each other. An island cannot exist without water. Perhaps herein lies the reason for its perfection?

The project of a tourist resort on the island Maui, part of the Hawaii archipelago answers this question.

The architecture of the buildings is designed in accordance with buildings that have been built in the area for thousands of years. The primary function of the buildings is taken into consideration. The most typical characteristic is the placement of the buildings on palm trees (primary construction principle, security, climate conditions), the use of local materials (bamboo and palm wood) and natural draining systems, (achieving passive ventilation through semi conductive walls and roof). The floor plan and its modularity are adjusted to the modern lifestyle. The objects are interwoven with untouched nature, the earth and the land represent “all or nothing”, and we cannot change, add or take away anything. The architecture allows the visitor to become a part of the homogeneity already existing in everything as “all or nothing”.

The project received an award in an international architectural competition.



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