Ljubljana Moor

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LJUBLJANA MOOR (Tourist resort)

The dramatic birth of the Ljubljana Moor is said to have taken place approximately 2 million years ago and was due to tectonic movements. The area is located on the outskirts of the capital of Slovenia and encircled by the national motorway.

Due to its location, accessibility and origins, there are vast opportunities for development of tourism. The area is known for its settlers – a rare people of significant historic importance, settlers called Koliščarji – ‘lake dwellers’. Their settlements were said to exist in the area 6,000 years ago.

The resort is located near Bistra Castle, on the western edge of Ljubljana Moor. Harmony between the classic hotel resort and all characteristic components of the Moor is evident from the project plan, which was developed with great emphasis on harmony. The core of the project plan is the new artificial lake which connects, together with existing waterways, the capital with the new resort. Part of this lake is a protected area for animal species, and the central part will form tourist apartments, a similar principle to building such as that used by the “Koliščarji”. The size of the resort is 42 ha.


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