The Undersea Hotel

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Just like Land has its Sky, Water has its Depth. The undersea hotel, “atoll”, or “the island in the sea”, with a level above water preserves the human experience of living, and maintains contact between sky and earth. The undersea levels add the water element, which is primal to human experience. When encircling man and his habitations, it strengthens its contact with the Earth, but at the same time the air “belt” stays intact: up there everything is the same as always, humans find comfort in piers, the entrances above the water and even the sandy beach tucked in the edge links the human being and his feelings with the mainland. But when they begin the descent, they are taken by surprise by the undersea world that they can observe through the glass walls – the dark blue green color of the water with the sea fauna and flora. At first it is an unusual and astonishing experience that slowly transcends into an experience of a completely new dimension; into an experience of primal adventure that has been forgotten for centuries.

The construction of the building has a similar design to that of an oil platform. The upper water part is fixed but can move with the tide, the spherical elliptic underwater part is rigidly fixed onto a construction frame. The depth of the sea to enable the project is 30-60 m, deep enough to allow detection of both, sunlight and underwater life.

Daily visitors will in most cases find their entertainment on the upper water part, and the underwater part is designed as a classic hotel, mainly for long term visitors.


Visitors will enter the upper sub-water level, descending in the lifts, while watching through the glass walls the transition from the surrounding life of land to that below the water, at the same time they will be accompanied by music. The upper sub-water level will be for day and long-term visitors. At the entrance hall there will be a reception area with an aperitiv bar. The overall impression of this spherical room with its aquariums introduces visitors to the world of sea life. A part of this introduction area serves as a hall for multimedia programmes. Visitors will have a chance to borrow diving equipment and submarines to carry out undersea trips. A part of this levels will serve as hotel rooms (15 twin bedrooms or a combination of apartment types). A large proportion of the walls of the sub-water levels will be made of glass. The view of the sea life through the glass will give visitors the sensation of infinity, but at the same time it will wake up the feeling of the new and mysterious. In front of the eyes of visitors will start a show of sea life, the fish shoals and other sea occurences will finish off the sensation with a perfect harmony of nature s untouchables.

1.  Vertical communications (lift, stairs)
2.  Hall
3.  Reception
4.  Cafe
5.  Hotel rooms
6.  Restrooms
7.  Service area
8.  Aquarium
9.  Audio – video multimedia programmes hall
10.Diving   equipment


This level will be mainly for long-term visitors who want to spend more time in the sub-water building. The level will consist of hotel rooms (15 twin bedrooms or a combination of apartment types), restaurants (120 seats), a thermal swimming pool with a massage centre (134m2), and two casinos (550m2). Relaxed and unusual surrounding will give the casinos a mysterious and fabulous feeling, which will accompany visitors while playing various games.

1.  Vertical communications (lift, stairs)
2.  Hall
3.  Restaurant
4.  Hotel rooms
5.  Restrooms
6.  Service area
7.  Casino
8.  Thermal swimming pool with massage centre


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