The Virus Project

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Among the arts and all its forms, architecture is possibly the most responsible to humanity. Together they build civilizations and therefore architecture is responsible for the evolutionary development of our existence. It is possible to avoid other art forms, but it is impossible to avoid architecture. Architecture follows, guides and touches people every step of the way – either unknowingly or with its full power; without needing to go to the theatre or read a book or visit a gallery. Architecture is and always will be the accompanying art of the governing class, who in turn also depend on it, sometimes as a blind servant. This is clearly evident in architectural creations that have been used as a means of political manifestation and at times they are the peak of indoctrination of certain ideologies or repressions.

It is the mission, tendency and the duty of an architect to constantly look for something new. The architect and his or her creations must not be the reflection of current fashionable trends or be considered a tool in the hands of the governing class to quench its current governing thirst.

It appears that the current period of evolution is saturated; as though it were wandering aimlessly; as though it has lost its inner driving force. We need a solution to this torpid state, where architecture is unaware of its own destiny and lacks clear focus, with financial profit as the only magnified moral category.

This solution does not involve a cataclysm or absolute redemption, but is to be found in ourselves. It is impossible to solve the problem of our own destiny with the same way of thinking that created the problem. It is the obligation of each individual through his or her creative life cycle to give more back to civilization, and to improve upon the civilization one knew while growing up. This is the only conscious way to achieve the catharsis of the future.

The basis for Virus project lies in the mythological continent “Mu”. The continent arose and later disappeared in human history. It was located in the Pacific Ocean inhabited by “refugees from other continents”.

Mirroring events of the past, the Virus project now provides construction of a new continent in the area of the lost continent “Mu”.

Development of a new continent with new advanced technologies, that enable self-sufficiency; with appropriate social order and cathartical purification of inhabited human population; humanity will gea new “embryo” that will spread like a virus, impossible to stop or destroy.

It is said that the ancient “Mu” disappeared when human civilization appeared. Perhaps there was no need for the “Mu” after the conceptual human appeared? Now it is returning to help us find the right way..


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